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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 17, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> a possible virus outbreak at a elementary school has
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said calls rising 10 times more than average, details coming up in a live report. >> investigators are looking for this man attempted to kidnap a three year-old boy from the great mall and milpitas. >> erica has a look at our numbers this, we will chat with her in a minute and georgia's leading off the hot spot. >> it is at the bay bridge word early morning stall required a flat bed tow truck. it still has not been cleared, it is been there for about 30 minutes now. look what it is doing to the morning ride already backing up the 880 ramp. the drive times which are hard to calculate because the backup is building so rapidly are already over 16 to 18 minutes. i expect those numbers to to continue to climb. before too much longer we will see a back up into the macarthur maze. even though the past couple
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of days traffic has been lighter than usual it is quite possible we could see a big backup for the rest of the mourning for the westbound bay bridge commute. >> a significant change and temperatures into the afternoon. later today we are expected to be one to five degrees warmer than yesterday. during conditions, 44 in san francisco and 30 and concord. livermore recently dropped down to 31 degrees. and tomorrow similar conditions for the afternoon and the morning will be a extended forecast looks dry with temperatures above the seasonal average. mid to upper 60s possible for later on today. i will break down those numbers and talk about the warm weather headed your way coming up and my next report. >> developing story coming out the east bay the contra costa county health department is inspecting a possible or a virus outbreak. we were students called out yesterday but the
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concern is still pretty high. >> large number report sick last week. will tran is caught joining us live from bert elementary. >> this is the high side as far as the investigators are concerned. on friday 100 students were kept on by their parents. on an average day only about that. that forced the administrators as well as health officials to try to figure out exactly what happened. at this point they expect its narrow virus but they have not said yes that is until they do more research. because of what happened at the annual number of sick calls they sent custodians and there's growing classrooms and making sure things were safe. it looks like they are working because on wednesday yesterday only 51 students called in sick. take a look at your screen, if this is in fact the narrow aisle as those are the symptoms you should
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know. if you have this you will have about adding, diarrhea, stomach cramps. if you are an elderly person or a note and that with a weakened immune system that is especially dangerous. fortunately even with all of these sick calls and people staying home there are no fatalities and nothing we are hearing as far as 27 goes to the hospital to get checked out. they're telling people if you have these symptoms keep your child that, until he or she is symptom free. we've the parents to arrive the next couple of hours and we'll get reaction from parents as well as administrators. also we will hopefully try to find out that this is in fact a narrow virus. >> we will wait to hear for those results, thank you will. >> the time is 6:04 a.m. and noon this morning san mateo county and read what firefighters are on the scene of a fire at a home in 3400 block of h street in redwood city. this is located near the but dunbarton bridge where it
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meets 1 01 in redwood city. the fire was and is shed in the back of a house but blames the not spread to a home. the resident was home at the time but was not injured. the cause of fire is not seen as suspicious. >> investigators are also searching for a man attempted to kidnap a three year-old boy from a store and the great mall shopping center in milpitas. there is a sketch of the suspect was described as an asian male between 50 to 60 years old 5 ft. 5 in. tall weighing about 500 lbs.. the boy's mother told police she was holding her hands dry or child and an inside a store by let go when she thought her husband had to give a child other hand. that is when she turned to assess but walking out of the store with her son. he was only about 10 ft. away from her when she yelled at him. he was bought by letting go boys had been running into the mall and believes that the child was unharmed. >> the fate of san francisco's recently passed
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ban on public nudity could be decided in a federal court hearing today. for new this activists filed a lawsuit in november seeking to stop an ordinance that the standards of the board of supervisors passed. the ordinance is set to take effect february 1st. the back act as argue that being nude is protected on passage of brown's as expressed a speech and that it violates the equal protection clause by exempting immense like folsom street fair and the pride parade. >> developing news reaction from gun owners on president obama as federal gun-control proposals. here in the bay area's on gun advocates at the richmond brought and gun clubs say they are skeptical about politics is treating you gun laws as eight a way to keep people safe from gun violence. >> i think we have laws on the books already that aren't being enforced by think we need to enact those before we make new ones. >> there are guns out there and they want to ban them
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but no one is going to turn in their stuff. >> if you want an immediate solution against a one in there to protect the kids. if you are not willing to do that and they're your arms of the air and say that is a totally asinine suggestion you have some sort of other agenda than protecting the kids. >> an addition to their skepticism about the present gun control plan, members of the clubs say banning a are rivals for instance will have a major impact on competitive targets it sport shooting here in the bay area. >> and notre dame football star is manti te'o says the as a victim of a joke. he said in september his grandmother and his girlfriend died within hours of each other in the deplane to honor them. the grandmother really did die but the girl friend turned
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out to be a hoax. the story that she died of leukemia is a story that was put out to the media at the time. the football player did not go to the funeral because he promised her he would not miss a game. span writer timothy bird who broke the story said something just doesn't add up. >> we have a lot of stories about how they met that she was a student at stanford and they met after the 2009 football game and we know that didn't happen. when tales that i also my girlfriend again someday, we know now that they never saw each other in the first place. >> they are with me in knows though i could not do without them and i could not do it out with my family and my girlfriend's family but i will miss them. i know that i will see them again one day. >> manti te'o was ivan trophy runner-up but he is expected to be a first round pick in the nfl draft this spring. we want to know what you think, a giant conversation on a kron4
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facebook fan page otwo-way end. we will share your thoughts through out the morning. >> here is a live look at the san mateo bridge as we check your temperatures this morning, 34 degrees warming up to about 60 later on today.
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>> welcome back to the kron4
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morning news. slightly better as for our style of the bay bridge toll plaza. the drive times are already over 20 minutes however the good news is this all has already has just been cleared from the upper deck of the bay bridge. i hope to be able to sell you a picture of the incline but sadly the camera has disappeared. you can see now the metering lights have been sped up but the back up already reaches right to the edge of the macarthur maze. we may not yet recovered from his back up. >> the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits fell last week to a five-year low. that is a hopeful sign the job market is feeling. weekly unemployment applications fell 37,000 to a seasonally adjusted 335,000. that is always level since january at 2008 just after the recession began. new this morning doctors and metro workers in greece have walked off the job today.
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they are protesting salary cuts that are part of a harsh austerity measures the country is taken to avoid bankruptcy. union officials a salaried doctors have been making have seen their incomes cut by 40 to 50 percent of those who run their own practices can no longer make ends meet. underground rail system in athens has also come to a halt today with metro workers upset about wage cuts. the strike is expected to continue into tomorrow. europe's air safety authority >> your state the authority has followed the u.s. and ordering the grounding and safety review of boeing's 787 dream liner following a series of incidents with the aircraft in recent days. the and a crowd of all boeing 787 dream liner is in the
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u.s. until the company can prove it fixed battery problems. it comes after incidents were to airlines and japan ground the planes because of similar issues. the faa announced that battery failure is caused a leak of flammable material out what he debits and smoke. the dream liner flies out of san jose man at the with a and a five days a week, fell slightly cancelled with no estimates of when they will be up and running again. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or why it doesn't have to be an adventure to stick to your new year's budget. because safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a case of arrowhead water
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>> 6:16 a.m. and the bay bridges become a hot spot this morning because of an early morning stall. it required a flatbed tell drug which man and took a long time the clear. the good news is caltrans is making every effort to try to get this back up down by speeding up the metering lights. at last that the drive times were hovering around 22 minutes westbound. the traffic was backed up to the foot of the macarthur maze. i am a little uncertain as to whether and how they will be able to clear out his back up before the commute gets into full swing. there is a possibility we could get back to normal situation here. we will have to just keep watching it and wait and see. the at bridges you concede the that the sale bridge looks good. traffic is still moving reasonably in both directions of 80 approaching highway 92. your ride to the golden gate
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bridge looks good, here is 1 01 southbound our traffic is still flowing smoothly through marin county. we will take a look at your commute around the bay and update them drive times, still no uptick for the ride on 80 westbound. still at 14 to 15 minutes. 683 as san ramon valley still looks good. we have some slowing for 580 was down as you could see through the of the bypass, but not to better ride. for the south bay conditions are great, no delays or problems. the north bay is still uneasy at a 25 minute ride from and about to the golden gate bridge. 6:17 a.m. and let's go to erica for the weather. >> i their doors and the mt. tam cam shows that it is rocking and rolling. we have some winds and the higher elevations but it is a clear start to the mourning for the most part. most of us do not have issues with visibility. a quick reminder that it is a winter spare the air day. keep that in
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mind if you're considering any what burning. i would not be surprised to be considered it because we'll upper 20s in santa rosa and about up. 33 out the door vallejo 34 of them francisco. it really doesn't have the relocated. fog is a factor, something we have not seen for a couple of days now. visibility is about 5 mi. for santa rosa. it is delta for and about know. but deciding to for mendes the interior valleys and their b to 7 mi. as well as concord. i don't think we will see any delays on any flights, as if all is ok. hayward is now down to just 5 mi.. focusing our attention on the temperatures, future cast four highlights the 8:00 hour predominantly in the '40's for most of us. it is solely on the system very stubborn 30's for the easily
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interior valleys. pylons, 50s and 60s across the board. we will warm up a couple of degrees for your afternoon highs and temperatures are really not too bad as we head into 8:00 p.m. tonight. looking at the highs, you'll like what you see here. it will feel like springtime. los gatos, remember we're in the middle of january and a high as 66 degrees, forever green 63 in sunnyvale. in the east bay with mid to upper 50s. the 29 for castro valley, 56 for alameda. and the north bay we will see some upper 50s low 60s. a lack of your extended forecast 7 day around the bay nice conditions that it into the weekend. and in los will not be as low and most of us will be a little above the freezing mark. the afternoon will provide sunshine and blue skies. even the low 60s for some of our south bay's
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bats and los gatos and the comedy in valley could see mid to upper 60s. we will keep the pleasant rather around as we start the next work we but we have a big change to talk about as a blocking pattern breaks down into next wednesday. >> the mayor jerry brown will attend the university of california board of regents meeting again today. the agenda includes an update on his 2013-2014 proposed budget. route attend the uc regents' meeting yesterday a to press the university's system to expand on my education to make college more affordable. he was also on hand as the jose state university on tuesday when school officials announced a pilot program to offer entry level, low-cost classes' for college credit. united nations secretary general andban ki-moon will
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deliver a speech today at stanford. he will talk about how the un can create opportunities from transitions and world affairs. the secretary general's beach is the focus on the u.n.'s role in creating opportunities out the challenges posed by today's rapidly transitioning world. tickets for today's speech are sold out but will be streamlined through stamford web site. >> new numbers on the u.s. census of asian immigrant population is surpassing latinos in california. since the figures of the flow agents coming to california has more than two times greater than the flow from latin america. >> a man accused of brutal rape during a home in
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beijing last weekend in san francisco's telegraph hill a right is being held on $5 million bail. jovan jones faces nine to eight felony counts including rape, robbery and burglary with the intent to commit sexual assault for the attack saturday at how the street. jones did not enter a plea of no return to court on friday to be assigned an attorney. the 26 are a bit that was talking on the phone and entering her home when jones allegedly forced his way in, then robbed and sexually assaulted the woman. delta faces a maximum sentence of multiple life terms in prison if convicted of all charges. you can't move the tv there.
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at&t. >> the drive times are not horrible for interstate 80 about 15 to 60 minutes for 880. coming out of the macarthur maze the drive times are over 20 minutes. traffic is backed up on the 580 all the way to highway 24. 24 is already slow. you could be looking at over 24 minutes drive time if you're headed to the bay bridge and coming from 24. >> health information for san francisco restaurants will soon be available on yelp. mayor ed lee hopes including the scores of the department of public health will improve transparency
6:28 am
and ultimately falls that food safety. if it proves successful, the rest of scores could buy their way to other sites like google and trip adviser. currently, the city's restaurants are not required to post the scores but are required to produce them have asked by a customer. >> we can and numbers to tell you about this morning in california is apparently no longer home of the large number of that goes with the highest foreclosure rates. lord, at 08 and george said that the title in 2012. teller foreclosure filing, including the fall notices, settled options and bank repossessions were down 3 percent nationwide in 2012 compared with a year earlier. >> we it is 20 minutes away from the opening bell and wall street and we'll be checking it out as we continue. we will be right back.
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>> welcome back. the time is 6:29 a.m.. dow futures are up by 68 and s&p is up by seven. we will see where this goes. the bell is now rain game. we will b tracking thranging carry iingin >> the bay bridge had an earlier stall that took a long time to clear. if caltran is trying to remove this by speeding up the metering lights. the traffic coming in from the macarthur mayes is already back up on interstate 580. 24 is slow coming down from children's
6:32 am
hospital. the drive time is way over 24 minutes. the commute is not as bad if you are coming from a 80 this morning. the drive time is now 16 minute sais. whether or not the back and will continue is the question. it is possible that we may be contending with this for the rest of the morning. >> some people will be happy with today's forecast. we are at 44 degrees right now in san francisco perry ed livermore is waking up to 31 degrees. we will see clear skies and loss of sunshine. the temperatures will climb to the mid to upper 60s. it will not be as called for
6:33 am
most of us will be sitting in the upper 40's. tomorrow will be even warmer perry ed i will break down the full details coming up in my next report. >> the time is 6:31 a.m.. authorities continued to search this morning for a man who tried to kidnap a three year-old boy from a store in the great mall in milpitas. to get you more news faster we will turn to mike pelton. >> authorities are beginning to get a better idea of who they are looking for. this is a nightmare for any parent. this happened on january the sixth when a three year old child was with his parents at this mall. he was holding his parents hand and that is when the mother felt a tug on her child's arm and she assumed that it was her
6:34 am
husband so she let go. she noticed a few minutes later that a total stranger was tried to leave the mall with her son. she stated that she screamed and the suspect let the child go and plant. authorities never found the suspect and they have released this sketch. he is described as an asian male with a height of 5 ft. 4 in.. he weighs about 200 lbs.. his hair is black. if he looks familiar to you should call milpitas police. >> this is something that just does not seem right and the police will like to hear from you. >> the good news is that the
6:35 am
child is okay but this happened so quickly and the suspect according to the police was walking with the child and if the parents had not noticed and about 50 more seconds who knknows what would have happened. >> san jose police have released sketch of a man, who they say, tried to pry a young child out of her mother's arms earlier this week. investigators say, that this is a sketch of the suspect who try to snatch the 2 year-old girl tuesday evening as she and her mother were outside their home on dayo court in east san jose. police went door to door in the neighborhood, looking for anyone who might know something about this
6:36 am
suspect. it is not clear if the suspect was targeting these particular children, or if it was a random act. >> this morning we have high resolution photos of the historic artifact that was stolen in a robbery at oakland museum of california. this bold jewelery box was crafted sometime in the late 1800's. it was stolen on january the ninth. it was initially a wedding gift from an early california pioneer to his wife. bart effect is estimated to cost about $800,000. there is a $12,000 reward for any information that may leads police back to the box. >> new this morning, and the
6:37 am
international olympic committee had stripped last armstrong of his bonds metal from the 2000 sydney olympics because of his involvement and doping. two officials say that i old seat sent a letter to armstrong on the last night asking him to return the metal. the move came after the i o c was notified by cycling and governing bodies that armstrong had not appealed the decision to disqualify him. ong's admitted during an interview with oprah winfrey if that he had used performance enhancing drugs to help him win seven tour de france titles all of which has been stripped. the interview airs tonight on one freeze zero w and network. >> and the countdown continues as the 49ers and
6:38 am
europe to face the atlanta falcons and this sunday. niner fans have been excited all week and stores have been struggling to keep the no. 7 a jersey on the shelves. a season ago, the niners beat the new orleans saints in their playoff opener and lost to the new york giants in the nfc title game. head coach john harbaugh says that the team has a better approach going into the title game this year. >> the niners will face the falcons this sunday at the georgia dome. the game time is set noon our time. >> coming up on kron 4 morning news. we will have an update on the kidnapping of 20 people including americans in algeria. americans in algeria. i??çóñk?wç
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>> you are watching kron 4 bay area news channel. i m james fletcher. here are the top stories. >> san jose police have released a sketch of a man, who they say tried to pry a young child out of her mother's arms earlier this week. investigators say, the this is a sketch of the suspect who try to snatch the 2 year-old girl tuesday evening. police went door to door in the neighborhood, looking for anyone who might know something about the suspect. it is not clear if the suspect was targeting these particular children, or is this was a random act. >> the fbi has rated and ale sub brand tie real estate office. federal agents serve
6:41 am
the warrant at the pinnacles of realtors office on alkene way wednesday afternoon, but cannot disclose the details about the operation since the search warrants were sealed. neighbors say that they knew little about the company, which moved into the building about two years ago. according to the pinnacle realtors web site, the business is owned by juan mancheno of orinda, who specialize in f h a financing for first-time buyers and other real-estate services. >> two masked gunman robbed a san leandro home depot store in the west a shopping center tuesday night. this happened after 7:00 p.m.. the two robbers held up a cashier and made off with an undisclosed amount cash. san leandro police, say that the suspect's method is similar to another reason robbery in
6:42 am
the same shopping center. san leandro police whole surveillance video helped investigators identified the suspects. >> those are some of the top stories we're following. thank you for watching kron 4 bay area news channel. >> the drive time is running over 25 minutes come from highway 24 and the macarthur mayes. there was an early morning stall that has been cleared. we're not sure if it will ever recover. >> new details of this morning from officials and algeria. 20 hostages, including americans " have " escaped from their captors. this comes out for those victims were taken hostage during an attack by islamic fighters. at least two people have been killed and six others have been injured. the group targeted
6:43 am
a bus carrying passengers, from a base at the british only gas field to one airport. indications are, that the attackers are oscillated within our qaeda group based in mali. defense secretary leon panetta has called it a " terrorist act. " >> the men who portrayed a the doting father on tv's " in different strokes " has died. conrad bain died monday of natural causes and his home town of livermore. he played still up drummond on the hit tv show. but he was also a veteran stage and a film actor who appeared in " the anderson tapes' " and
6:44 am
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>> welcome back it is 6:44 a.m.. >> big stories that we are following this morning. the fate of san francisco's all recently passed a ban on public nudity if could be decided in a federal court hearing today. for new this activists filed a lawsuit in november seeking to stop the ordinance which is set to take effect on february 1st. >> europe's air safety authority has grounded and ordered a safety review of of the boeing 787 and dreamlike airplane. this follows the faa a grounding all dream-here in the u.s. until boeing can prove it six the battery problems. >> the inspirational story of a notre dame football star overcoming the death of his girlfriend was turned out to be a host. monti te'o said last september
6:48 am
that his grandmother and his girlfriend died within hours of each other. we now know that this morning that his " on-line " girlfriend never existed. >> macro economics is the first time and it fell at its first time in five years. we've started have this up. we're not seen this and we are now widely enthusiastic about this. if this is the first time that the unemployment rate dropped and it doesn't necessarily mean that there are jobs out there. it is still good and anything under 400,000 is always good. it >> the commerce department came out and stated that
6:49 am
home construction surged 12%. i guess this is something that they have not seen. what is your take on a home sector? >> people are starting to feel good about the equity in their homes. there are a lot of big trucks are parked in from my house so that means that people are going soft home depot and lowe's to paint. holocene and all those are very important. electricians have jobs, construction workers have jobs. this is a big part of our economy. people feel more and wealthier when their home is doing well. >> let's talk about bowling.
6:50 am
to this is dominating the headlines. we have already had japan ground their planes and now york. ethiopia is starting to the ground theirs as well. what is the situation with bowling? >> and boeing is one of those companies that is one of the greatest. they are almost like dale. this is a japanese battery maker and this seems to be the biggest problem. death a a burly cleared the plan is two months ago and worldwide regulators are ground the planes. i do not like this because there's too much of a chance of recalls. short- term, boeing is a risk. but
6:51 am
they will not go out of business and the plane will figure out its problems. you probably wil >> thank you rob. we will be visiting with you a began talking about the winners and losers later. the >> we're taking a look at van ness ave. >> we have several spots in the upper 20s. it is clear conditions for most of us perry ed it is patchy frost and the impossibility of black eyes in the north bay. this has been an interesting morning perry ed some spots
6:52 am
are on the mild side. as you head into the afternoon everyone will be in the same boat. it will be nice and pleasant. it will be a little hazy. tomorrow the morning will not be as cold and the afternoon could be a little bit warmer. it's >> looking ahead the extended forecast is looking great. we may have the potential for rain as well. it is 27 degrees currently in santa rosa. it is 39 degrees out the door in oakland. as we take a look as to where the numbers will go this afternoon it will be plenty of 50s. the south bay, san jose is coming in at 64 degrees. here is the bigger weather story. satellite and radar shows
6:53 am
how pressure continues to build. we will be dry and clear. we will see an easterly breeze. the temperatures will remain on warmer side. >> we may see 60 degrees by saturday. he is shaping of to be a very nice forecast. before i get to the extended forecast which will go to highway 50 at ski one. if you are heading up to tahoe there are no chains required. the story for the next several days is the sunshine will be in the afternoon. the temperatures will climb into the low 50s. we will see plenty of 50s as we head into the weekend. here is the kron 47 day or around the bay. >> most of us will sit in the low 60's. some of our
6:54 am
south bay is boss may see a upper 60s. the heckling tram will start to kick sand and the temperatures will have showers as well once we get into next wednesday. >> we're seeing some improving drive times for the bay bridge hot spots. the backup is still reaching into the macarthur mayes perry e. it is now up to 20 mins for the east shore freeway and the interstate 880 at the mimic freeway. here you can see that the red is showing up through the macarthur mayes. this is still sluggish coming from highway 24. it has slightly improved. you're ride to the san mateo bridge things have not begin to slow down here. the drive time is still
6:55 am
between 12 to 13 minutes. your ride to the golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound is still problem freed from marin county. let's take a look at the rest of the east bay freeway. you're ride to the shore freeway is slowing. this is due to the back up on the bay bridge. the drive time is from 19 minutes to 21 minutes from hercules to berkeley. >> the dublin interchange still looks good. we are still picking up congestion from guadalupe parkway to 280. and north bay ride is a little slow and that is why the drive times are starting to approach 30 minutes. >> it is 6:54 a.m.. i want to show you eight look outside at lake tahoe. the
6:56 am
roll's look pretty good. the snow is still on the long and there may be some moisture in there for next week. we will be right back.
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>> welcome back the time is now 6:57 a.m. perry ed harrison looked at the golden gate bridge. the drive time is still slow perry e. will have your drive ts in just a couple of minutes.


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